Practical information

Opening Hours:

Little People / Day Care / Pre- School are open all year round on workdays 06.00 till 18.30 o’clock.

Parents can bring children between 06.00 – 09.00 o’clock in the morning. And pick them up between 17.00 – 18.30 o’clock in the evening. Other possibilities to be discussed.

Next Step is the before / after school and Vacation club.

  • 07.00 – 08.30 o ‘clock
  • 14.00 – 18.30 o ‘clock


Please let us know as soon as possible by mailing or calling if your child’s sick. If you’re going on vaction or won’t be using our services, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you wish to cancel your childs after schoolcare, please let us know before 1 p.m.


Little People Daycare | 0 – 4 yr.

Johannus Verleunstraat 27

Next door Daycare | 0 – 4 yr.

Johannus Verleunstraat 27 a

Pre – School | 2 – 4 yr.

Johannus Verleunstraat 27

Next Step before /after school | 4 – 13 yr.
Including Vacation Club  

Johannus Verleunstraat 29

Little People Daycare / Pre-school  |  0 – 4 yr.

Wildheuvel 17 – 19

Next Step Before / After school Club | 4 – 13 yr.
Including Vacation Club

Wildheuvel 15 + 15a

Pre – School | 2 – 4 yr.

Paardenhei 7

Little People  Daycare |  0 – 4 yr.

Emmalaan 27


Children from all schools in Best our welcome at Next Step. Transport to and from school to the location will be provided in a professional and safe manner. This can be by foot or car. This depends on the distance and route our staff need to make. During the intake we will always discuss our transport options with you as parents.

Types of contracts:

For our Daycare / Pre-School Little People handles a standard Contract. All year round.

For our Before / After school Club Next Step Little People has a variation of contracts available, including a Vacation Club if required:

  • Limited Contract: School-Care during school days, excluding free days and school vacations.
  • Standard Contract: School-Care during school days and three free school days, Excluding school vacations
  • Extended Contract: School-Care during school days and school vacations, excluding three free school days.
  • Complete Contract: School-Care during school days and school vacations + three free School days.

Which contract is the best fit for you depends on your personal situation. Please discuss this during the Intake. We will give you good and honest advice. In all our contracts we have our supply conditions and our regulations.


Here you can download our current offers and rates.

Little People / Next Step is a legally recognized company and government certified. You can therefore request childcare allowance from the Dutch government . Would you like to know how much allowance you will receive please go to

Waiting lists:

Next Step has places up to 40 child places in two groups per location. That is why we sometimes have waiting lists.


Little People / Next Step uses the following protocols in its service.

  • Pedagogical policy plan
  • Protocol child abuse
  • Domestic regulation
  • Terms and conditions
  • Complaints regulation

Login for parents:

At Little People / Next Step we think personal contact with parents is very important. We encourage questions, ideas,  comments and tips at all times so you can share your thoughts with us. We find it important to share activities, developments and experiences that your children undergo. That is why parents can receive a login code to access the page ‘Log – In “ where reports and information about the children are saved.


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