Dear parent,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Debbie Jackson – Beunis. I relocated to the Netherlands from Lancashire England with my four children in 1998. My husband, Arie Beunis is Dutch. After owning a Child – Care company in Brittan and missing the contact working with children, I decided to start Little People in the year 2000. Due to being a small – scale, homely environment we became a big success and our waiting list grew. So I decided to expand the business in 2010 and in 2013. All our locations provide small scale and very personal child care. I believe providing children with Child – Care is a big responsibility! That is why I feel like all our locations are like a second home for the children. Small – scale, clean, safe and homely.

We work together with parents, school and experts in child development. We are able to recognize early signs of special needs that a child might have. This also means we can ask for advice or refer to a specialist in an early stage and prevent stagnation in a child’s development. “

That is also why we work closely together with parents and primary schools. Together we can support your child in the best way so he or she feels safe and secure to discover his or her own unique talents. As a parent you know you’re child very well. That is why we really see parents as our partner. And that’s also why we give individual care to all children. On the other hand: my professional team is being educated in childcare constantly. We can support you in all your questions about raising children en growing up. We observe every child closely so we remark any doubts or questions in your child’s development at an early stage, like social interactions, AHD, autism or vulnerability. We work this way because we care about your child.

Every child is different. Therefore we treat every child as an individual with his or her own interest, behaviour and talents . But children also need to learn in a playful way to respect each other, to share experiences and to work, play and live together. That’s one of the most important ‘lifetime lessons.’ we teach children. Of course we’re doing that in fun and nice way on level with your child’s age. And last but not least: Children can learn from us. But as adults we can learn from children. ( Little People. ) That’s what makes my world so beautiful. Being part of raising your child and working together is the most wonderful thing I can imagine.


Kind regards,

Debbie Beunis



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